Saturday, June 3, 2017

50 years is a 'Short' time

I have shared about 'time' before in my blogs and most of you would say 50 years is a long time. But in reality, as you will see, it is not. When I accepted my best friend's proposal at the Chicken in the Basket restaurant 52 years ago, 50 years seemed so far out in the future. But now, as I look back on our lives of 50 years of marriage today, it seems it happened too fast! 

As I remember, Chicken in the Basket was just a drive up where teens frequented in Scottsboro, AL, and as he came back to the car, he opened my door and got down on his knees and said, "Will you marry me?" Puzzled, I thought what does this have to do with chicken! I really did not expect him to ask me, even though we had been talking of the future. 

Now you must understand that even though we talked of the future, we were young and in love and had no idea of what the future was going to hold for us. Thank goodness God was smiling down on us and had it all under control! 

As we look back today on our lives, we see that God knew exactly what He was doing and now we must praise Him for all the prayers (many) and blessings (many) He has given us.

                   Just to name a few: 
 Our children from Korea, Jamie and Kara
 Our children we were told we could never have, Todd and B.J.
 Saved lives in car/train wreck
 Saved life in motorcycle wreck
 Protection as we have traveled around the world serving and blessings to see salvations
 Denny is now cancer free
 Healthy children and grandchildren that all love the Lord and serve in local churches
 Blessed with fantastic son in law and 3 daughter in laws

I could go on, but you would not believe how many times we have looked back and seen His hand all over our lives. He has been a major part of this marriage and that is why is has been soooo good. 

I am personally thankful for my mother who prayed for a christian mate for me and then encouraged me to 'go out with that Sanders boy' just because he sang in church with his family! 

This blog has been one of reflection for me, but  I hope you will understand that marriage is a 30-70, never equal, give and take relationship. It must have God working in it to be the balancing presence.
We must learn to forgive and (I know this is hard ladies) forget and move on. Let your marriage be an adventure, don't get bored in it. ( I look for adventure, but always understand he needs his coffee before we can walk out the door!) 

Find reasons to do things together (I had never played golf until last year!) Find things to laugh about together! Watch a funny movie....anything that will create a smile you can share together. 

But out of all the things we both would highly, highly, recommend, would be to pray together. When you humble yourselves before God daily, praising and talking to HIM, it ties the knot in the string of love, binding your marriage. 
I remember we were sent to talk with a couple who were having marital problems and we asked them when was the last time they had prayed together. Their answer was, "Six years ago, our wedding day." Eh hello, do you understand? Prayer is essential for each of us and even more so for a couple! 

50 years! Wow God! You did it again! We have survived, arrived and You delivered! This has been the most amazing journey anyone could ever have and You were in our midst! You made us best friends in high school and we never stopped loving each other, we learned to forgive and love even more. You had to grow us in You, to be able to grow us together. I praise You for my life and the one You chose for me to share it with....50 + years! If I never have another day on earth, You have given this old girl a good life and I fall before You with a thankful heart. 

Denny Sanders, thank you for being a Godly man that kept me on track and focused on Him. Thank you for taking me for a ride on the ferris wheel, where you first told me you loved me, and I giggled because I thought you were just trying to steal a kiss! Thank you for being about as romantic as you get, on your knees at Chicken in a Basket! Thank you for giving me everything I have ever wanted in life. Thank you Denny Sanders for praying with me and for me, as we have searched for His plan together through the years. 

I love you, Denny Sanders, more than you will every know, and I give God the praises for it all! 


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