Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is God Telling You Something?

Today's world is so busy, we get so caught up in what we should be doing, where we are going and what we have left to do at the end of the day.Time seems to slip away as we try to fill every moment, like stuffing dressing into a turkey. We want to cram all we can into it and  even then we are not satisfied with the outcome.

When we start our day, do we give God the time He deserves? Do we hurriedly throw our requests and demands at Him like He is a child hurrying off to school? Do we ever pause and listen to what He says? 

Sure we say, "Let Him hear me out and I will listen to Him as I drive to work and get these errands done." Yes, He can speak to you at anytime, but how do we know when it is God that is speaking to us? 

Have you been seeking answers from Him and not knowing for certain which way to go? Do you ever wonder if He is really leading you to go another direction in your life? Is He trying to lead you in an area you have never thought about going?   

How do we know if it is really from God or our own heart desires? 

There are some absolutes, that come from Him in the scriptures, that help us discern His Will and direction in our lives. 

First, when you have prayed and prayed and seemingly have not received and answer from God, go to His Word. Now I don't mean to close your eyes, open the bible and put your finger on a verse and say, "This must be what He wants me to know!" No, open it to some familiar verses to you and study on them, soaking up what the meaning of those verses are, while communication with Him fills your spirit. 

Second, remember God's will for your life is never in contradiction to His word. If we feel we are being lead into a lifestyle or job that will cause us to be in disobedience to Him, then we need to stop and review the situation. I personally feel those things that cause us to be in those situations are temptations and not from God. God's word clearly states that God does not tempt us (James 1:13-14)

Third, I believe there will be some kind of confirmation from God. You will feel a peace and contentment. Oftentimes you may have a verbal confirmation from someone, even a stranger. 

I remember when we were thinking about buying our home, we waited until the realtor left us and we started praying and walking the border of the property. The elderly neighbor came out of his home, carefully maneuvering the yard using his cane. He walked to us and asked if we were going to buy the house. After telling him we were thinking about it, he immediately said, "Every morning, since they put up the 'For Sale' sign, I have knelt by my sofa and prayed for God to send a good family to our neighborhood." Needless to say, we bought the house!  (Ezekiel 33:1-9)

We need to be assured that God will never give us anything that will separate us from Him. God wants us to stay in communication with Him, therefore He wants us to rely on Him to help us through the way. If you think you can't do something without Him, you are probably correct and He will give you the strength and help you need, but you must know it comes from Him!! You must have the faith, for without Him we can do nothing. (John 15:50)

God wants us to be stretched and grow in our walk with Him. He wants us to learn that He is always there for us, speaking through His word, the Spirit and others. We need to seek Him and lean on Him to find His Will in our lives. He does not 'hide' what He wants us to do! He wants to bless us and give us joy in our journey here on earth, so He may be glorified. We can do this only if we do what He is telling us to do! (Hebrews 11:6

Walk boldly in life, knowing the direction you are going is toward God. Let the days go by, fast as they may, with the assurance that He is smiling down and blessing your steps.