Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christian Without Heaven?

Pablo is a 20 year old local Samaritan's Purse volunteer that has been volunteering with SP off and on since SP arrived in the community.  Pablo was at a work site today when the chaplains came by for a visit.  The team was on lunch break.  Chaplains began talking with Pablo and learned he was a new Christian, but did not understand that by accepting Christ, that he had the assurance of heaven.  Pablo was the opposite of what the chaplains normally see: People who have made a commitment to Jesus for eternal security but have not developed a close relationship with God (Fire insurance).  Pablo was working because he had accepted Christ and had a servants heart and knew not of the eternal security he had received. 
    Pablo explained to the chaplains he had prayed and received Christ several weeks ago and was to be baptized at the Fielder Road Baptist Church (where we are housed) April 29.  When chaplains explained to him, that when he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, his name was written in the Book of Life and sealed by the blood of Jesus he replied, "Really?!" and tears flowed down his cheeks.  He stood up and hugged the chaplain and cried tears of joy, saying, "Thank you, thank you".  There was a sweet, sweet Spirit in that place. The team had all been sitting there, listening and everyone was touched by the innocence of a young Christian eager to serve.  The chaplainw told Pablo, when he gets to heaven, be sure that he finds them so they can hear the story of how God used him during his life.  He smile, with wet cheeks, and nodded he would.