Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prayers of a Faithful Saint

Prayers of a Faithful Saint *****(This is a story of really seeing the Spirit of God!!)
Chaplains had visited the home of Miss Shirley, age 83, and met her daughter and daughter in law, who both lives down the same street. The daughter shared how she had accepted Christ by watching Billy Graham on tv as a young girl.
The chaplains had been told, that day, that Miss Shirley's son was not a christian. The daughter in law asked for prayer for her husband and Miss Shirley said she had been praying for her son, Michael, for years.

A couple of days later, Samaritan's Purse was doing a mudout on Michael's home. Chaplains came to visit and met Michael on the front porch. Chaplains talked with Michael, listening to all that had been going on in his neighborhood. Then, the chaplains asked him about heaven and was he sure of his eternal home. Did he know for sure he would go to heaven when he died. Michael said no and the chaplains shared with him the gospel of Jesus. He smile and said his mother, Miss Shirley had told him about Jesus, but he never listened. Chaplains asked Michael if he would like to pray and receive Christ as his Lord and Savior. With his wife holding his hand, Michael prayed the Sinner's Prayer and accepted Christ.

Living next door to Michael, his sister Gayla, just happened to be home to meet an insurance agent. The chaplains met Gayla and her husband in the yard. Gayla remembered the chaplains an said they were so happy they came back to visit. Hugging the Gayla the chaplain whispered into her ear that her brother had just prayed to receive Christ. Gayla at first, could not believe it...she then sobbed. She said he has not spoken to me in 15 years!! Chaplain said, "The Holy Spirit is working here, let's go". Gayla hesitantly took the chaplains armed and they started to walk across the yard into Michael's yard. Michael came out of the house and did not turn back, but continued coming onto the sidewalk, stopping to look at the two approaching. The chaplain and the sister stopped and the chaplain spoke to him, "Michael it is time to get out of the boat and walk in faith". Michael took a step toward his sister and stopped. She took a step toward him and said, "Michael I am sorry, will you forgive me?" He said, "Yes" as she collapsed into his arms sobbing.

The chaplains had been told that Miss Shirley had fallen the day before and broken both her wrists and was in the hospital. Gayla was so excited about what happened, she wanted to go tell her mother and invited the chaplains to go to the hospital with her. Arriving at the hospital, the group was walking in and looked up to see a large rainbow over the hospital. God's Promise.

While standing beside her mother's bed, with her sister on the other side, Gayla said, "Mother, Michael prayed to receive Christ today". The sister sobbed uncontrollably and the mother, cried and said, "My prayers have been answered'. Gayla then said, "That is not the end of the story Mother, I asked forgiveness from Michael and he forgave me and we hugged each other"!! Tears were flowing in the room and mother said, "If I could get up out of this bed, I would dance!"

Then, the chaplains asked the brother in law, standing in the room about his relationship with Christ and his reply was, "I am a Christian, but have not walked with the Lord as I should. Have not been to church in years. " The group gathered around the bed of Miss Shirley, holding hands and the chaplain led Dave in a prayer and he rededicated his life to the Lord.

Miss Shirley said her prayers have been heard and during the prayer, she said she felt as if someone kissed her on the cheek. His Presence was in that place.

***Note: This above story of salvation, rededication and family reconcilement was all filmed by BGEA media!! They were crying too!