Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sounds of Communication

As I sat outside this morning, in the still and quietness of dawn, I noticed the sounds of communication going on as the world came to life. There in the distance was the sound of trucks on the highway, which are usually not heard during the busy day hours. There in the trees were the early chirping of the birds and then a loud splash of water in the lake caught my attention. A squirrel started barking in a nearby tree as a water crane walked by too close and then the sound of a train in the distance silenced them all. 

This past weekend we had some of our family for a visit and we had the chattering of a two year old in our home. We listened closely to her wants and wishes, but not always making her happy when we could not understand her desires. We noticed she could perfectly say "My baby" when she loved on her baby sister, Eliza, but she would say "Ride in Papa's doat (boat)" when she wanted to go for a ride on the lake. She would repeat 'peas' (please) when she wanted something and say she  'lubs you' with her cutie pie smile. Sometimes she would just walk up to you and chatter and smile and then walk away thinking we understood what she said, when we really had no clue, but she was happy! What joy to see her growing and learning to communicate. 

Denny, Gilbert, and Ginger in Haiti 2011
See note below about Gilbert
We have traveled extensively around the world and have had a blessed time. We have had to count stops on the subway in Milan, Italy since we could not understand where we were or where we were to get off! Our interpreter in Romania was Rudy and called us Mama and Papa, but was so afraid he would make us unhappy. Actually our happiest times when we traveled was when we had an interpreter (it makes it easier to find the necessity rooms). 
Our sweet interpreter, Gilbert, in Haiti a few years back was the best. He was a young, Godly man, but also had a sense of humor. He had compassion for his people, but also knew when we needed to leave an area for our safety. His translating for us helped lead many to Christ. 

The computer social sites have translation links to them so we can now talk around the world. Many that read this blog (amazes me!) are from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, UK, PR and several other countries. 

Communication between mankind is at an all time high. We can blog, tweet, facebook and instagram. I am probably leaving out some areas that have been created just while I am writing this. 

But my main thought that I would like to share with you today is about the communication we have with God. Listening to all the sounds this morning, I thought how God must be listening to all His children, waking up all over the world, praying to Him. He would not have needed to ask any of them to repeat what they said like we did my granddaughter or need an interpreter, like we did in a foreign land. God has a listening ear that understands our hearts and our prayers before we even pray. That is true, but we still need to lift our praises and needs to Him, interceding for others. He wants the communication from His children just like I loved hearing 'lub you' from Ellie. It made me smile, I wonder if God smiles when He hears us pray? Really aren't we continually learning to communicate with our God, just like Ellie is trying to communicate with us? None of us think we pray the perfect prayer, but isn't it perfect if we just do it? 

Make a point this week to a new beginning, if you aren't already, praying to Him in the mornings. Wake up and let Him hear the sound of your voice among the many other sounds, as the sun rises upon the earth. Let Him hear your praises and that you love Him. Make God smile upon you this week! 

Jeremiah 29:12 "Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you"


P.S. Gilbert and his 4 yr our daughter were both killed  this past New Year's Eve in a wreck in Haiti. His wife, Jesula, is still in need of our prayers!! She still is in need of specialized care in Haiti for her traumatic brain injury.

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